Minnie Mouse Room

Our Baby Unit

This room is decorated with warm colours to create a calm and relaxed environment that will make your children feel comfortable and at home.
In the Baby Room we have children from as early as 6 weeks up to two years old. The ratio for the baby room is 1 member of staff to 3 babies. Upon registration of you child, we ask parents to complete information about their baby’s routines so we are able to tailor our services to their individual needs. This includes a baby meal times, nap times and duration and bottle feeding.
Our Baby Room is fitted with changing and milk room facilities with all the required features, such as child friendly toys, soft mats, individually allocated cots, fridge clean spare clothing baskets. We ask parents to provide formula milk; nappies and wipes to ensure your child receives consistency both at home and within the nursery. This also has a separate sleep area.